March 17, 2018

Junk Car Removal | Australia

History of the Automotive Industry in Australia 

The automotive industry was created in Australia in the 20th century by international manufacturers. The first important car makers there were Ford Motor Company Australia and Holden. There are currently many small car manufacturers including: Absolute Pace, Alpha Sports, Birchfield, Bullet, Clasic Revival, Devaux, Nota, Python, Skelta, Tomcar and many others.

The truth is that there were few brands that created a serious amount of cars and shaped the cars culture in the country. In the last 10 years, Toyota, the Japanese image, has been the biggest manufacturer in Australia and it has been making cars there since 1963. Another great company has been here since 1936. General Motors also created aircraft engines and weapons during World War II.

Australia had a huge amount of imports so car buyers had more choices. They prefer both new cars and collection cars. Car manufacturers, such as Holden, usually produce Chevrolet, Nissan, Suzuki and Vauxhall Motors, while Toyota Australia products include motor-sports, advertising and business corporation.

Just like everybody loves collection or vintage cars, Australian have plenty of them. If their value was around $25000 20 years ago, now a collection car could worth even $1 million or more. The old classic cars Datsun 240Z, Aston Martin DB5 or Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta look astonishing and their prices are shocking at auctions. Usually rare cars with a limited number built have a certain price considering their condition, documentation and history.

There are also cars that debuted after 1980s, called the modern classics. The first generation of Mazda MX-5, debuted in 1989, is an example of simplicity, originality and it can be available as low as $5000. The Subaru WRX was limited in the Australian market and is still a very sought vehicle. A bit more expensive, BMW M3 can go up to $15000 and it could be the last aspired V8 from BMW’s performance.You can always find some cash for scrap¬†car at a near cash for cars Sydney dealer.

Today, the importation of cars in Australia is forbidden, except few circumstances. Most of the cars are imported only by the important manufacturers who developed and ensured the car industry. The latest cars confirmed for the next years, Tesla for 2019, Volkswagen Polo for 2018, Jeep Cherokee in 2018 and Toyota Supra in 2018, are considered to be a huge impact on car industry in Australia.

In 2008 Australia started the production of electric vehicles, beginning with Hyundai Getz and then in 2009 Mitsubishi announced potential electric vehicle buyers. In 2010, Toyota Prius was on the market, first in Western Australia. In 2011 Nissan provided 16 electric cars, so in 2012 a total of 258 electric vehicle were already sold, Mitsubishi being the best selling model with 95 units. So, between 2010 and 2017, around 4420 electric vehicle have been sold, with top selling models from Mitsubishi, Nissan and Tesla.

The car industry developed in Australia since the beginning of 20th century and it keeps developing even if it’s original or an imported product. In 2009, a big decline happened, when the own production went down and the market was dominated by vehicles brought from Asia and Europe. Also a big decline will happen this soon when two of the biggest car manufacturers have announced to cease their production in 2017.